An International Standard School in Hyderabad that is made of International Quality Faculty We believe that teaching is not just about explaining or demonstrating, it is also about inspiring. Every child is unique and should be nurtured and inspired to reach his or her potential. Our ‘No child left behind’ concept, promotes approachable, research-oriented presentations and group discussions. Our child- centric teaching in an inclusive classroom, promotes concept-based learning through enquiry and hands-on activities. We use a variety of new-age techniques to promote learning, including play- based collaborative learning, trans-disciplinary learning through interactive methods; and diverse educational experiences and creativity is stimulated through activity-based learning.

Our Features

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The Pre-primary education defines the early childhood years as those from three to five years. These years are distinctive in several ways. The rapid rate of development which occurs in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual significant.

Postive Learning

At SRI NARAYANA TECHNO SCHOOL, we believe children learn best when they Enjoy themselves Experience success and a sense of achievement Involve and self-motivated,Feel valued and secure,Feel confident and are willing to have a go and take risks

Teaching Style

We pride ourselves in the technique of teaching the children "HOW TO LEARN". We strive to present the clearest explanation of current affairs and contemporary thought, encourage literary appreciation and the understanding and little community.

Sports Facilities

At SRI NARAYANA TECHNO SCHOOL, we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Hence, there is a continued focus on age appropriate sports, physical exercise and health enhancing lifestyles.

Skill and Knowledge

listening, speaking, reading, writing, and non-verbal communication Self-management skills: gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, organisation, time management, safety, a healthy .

Bus Transport

All the students using the school bus are expected to be at the pickup/drop points with the escorts at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.The drivers and the bus attendants are there to serve us and ensure our safety


Chairman Message

Mr.Prasad he is an Educationist of long standing with close to three decades of experience in the field of education. Under her leadership, Rockwoods International School has been awarded the best school, 5th in the country and 2nd in Telangana, for blended learning. The school has also been recognized as the best emerging school in East Zone of Hyderabad. Her core belief in education can be summed up in three words Purpose, Passion and Pedagogy.

To achieve and sustain exemplary standards, nationally and globally, by providing quality education for holistic development of the children where they learn how to learn, develop self discipline and achieve excellence in a stress free manner.

Our Quality Policy

To be committed to build and maintain a culture for continual improvement in all functions of the institution by benchmarking milestones.

Admission Open for 2023-2024



SRI NARAYANA TECHNO SCHOOLbased leading conceptual school on a mission to impart quality education to its students and nurture Rem autem
them with exemplary knowledge and competitive spirit for prolific learning.


Our Team And Faculty

We work as a team with each child's family,Staff that is Loving, Caring and provide gentle guidance. Joy at all the things we do that make life a journey of exploration and discovery,Modeling appropriate behavior and friendships Designing a classroom environment and curriculum that encourage skill acquisition and discovery throughout the child’s learning process,Respect for the child as a special and unique individual with ever changing wants and needs Fostering creativity through Expression, Art, Music and Dance,Our teaching staff comprises a blend of highly experienced early Childhood Educators, Primary Teachers, Middle and High School Teachers, Nurses and Child-care Workers.



  • *Well-designed kindergarten class rooms with A/V facility rooms
  • * sized stage for daily assembly and annual day celebrations
  • *Computer laboratory for individual use, fully equipped library,
  • *Computer laboratory for individual use, fully equipped library,
  • *Math Labs,Activity Clubs,Science Labs
  • *Spacious ground for cricket, basketball, volley ball, archery and many other activities for the overall development of every child.
  • *25 Students per class.
  • *Resource Rooms,Counseling services,Sick rooms,Professional security services
  • *CC cameras for surveillance